ZEISS Innovation Rocks Livestream: ENG (USA) / SPA (MX) / POR (PT)
Turning ideas into products with a new 3D scanning solution: Discover the new GOM Scan 1. Available in multiple countries and languages. Good to know: There is a second livestream:  DE / ENG (UK) / FR / IT / CZ / JP / KR available on June 15 at 9:30am CEST
  • All levels
  • Multiple languages

  • #HandsOnMetrology
  • GOM Scan 1
  • 3D printing
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering

Experience our new, small 3D scanner for precise meshes and big ideas in action. A solution that is made to facilitate your tasks in 3D printing, reverse engineering and dimensional inspection.


Create it: from scan to CAD

Make it: from scan to print

Love it: from scan to inspection


Register now for your preferred country and language.

Starts June 15, 5:30pm CEST


Also check out our second streaming.

Starts June 15, 9:30am CEST

DateJune 15
Time3:30 PM UTC
Live streamed fromUSA / MX / PT
LanguageMultiple languages
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