Scan-Xpress presents: GOM SCAN 1 Demo | 3D Scanning for Designers & Manufacturers
Scan-Xpress invites you to a LIVE online & in-person technology demonstration showcasing our latest 3D scanner, the GOM Scan 1. During this event Benjamin Singer (Metrology Expert) and Josh Span (Application Engineer) will discuss how the GOM Scan 1 can help designers and manufactures create digital twins, reverse engineer for production and perform quality inspection.
Your expert hosts
Josh Span
Application Engineer, Scan-Xpress
Benjamin Singer
Metrology Expert, Scan-Xpress
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  • GOM Scan 1
  • 3D Inspection
  • Consumer Good
  • Product Presentation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering

During this online and hopefully in-person event, our team will showcase a few products from our portfolio in order to demonstrate workflows and capabilities. The learning outcomes will be a deeper understanding of what can be achieved as a creator, designer or manufacturer with 3D scanning as well as the capabilities of the GOM Scan 1 and related software and products. We will show you how you can use the system in conjunction with 3D printing for fast prototyping, manufacturing and quality control. Here is a brief summary of the products we will showcase.


The GOM Scan 1  is a compact and mobile 3D scanner enabling digital object capture and achieving precise 3D meshes without breaking your budget. It is intended for designers, manufacturers and industrial users looking for a simple and affordable solution. Its main areas of application include quality control, reverse engineering and additive manufacturing.


The ROT 350 is an automatic rotation table enabling entry-level automation for small to medium sized parts. It can be combined with any 3D scanner and meshes perfectly with GOM Suite 2021 enabling a streamlined workflow saving you time and resources.


The AESUB range of 3D scanning sprays have been developed to help acquire data on problematic surfaces. These sprays will provide you with outstanding data quality after applying a thin, opaque coating to your part.


WASP 3D printers boast large printing volumes, controlled temperature ambience and amortized bowden to guarantee a controlled shrink of the material and a better result in the final print. With printing speeds up to 500mm/s and travel speeds up to 1000mm/s, WASP printers are built for fast prototyping applications.


DateDecember 9
Time2:00 AM UTC
Live streamed fromMelbourne, Australia
Webinar experts and hosts
Josh Span
Application Engineer, Scan-Xpress
Benjamin Singer
Metrology Expert, Scan-Xpress
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