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Discover GOM Inspect Pro Line for ATOS Q


GOM Inspect Pro Line brings you a wide range of features for precise scanning and inspection, no matter how complex the task or how detailed and challenging the surface. Experience improved functionality, intuitive handling, and benefit from clearly arranged results. Work with live tracking and back projection to enable the most precise component positioning in every setting, and combine scanning with probing by using a touch probe. GOM Inspect Pro Line for ATOS Q: Upgrade your possibilities.

GOM Inspect Pro Line: a new level of...


GOM Inspect Pro Line’s features offer intuitive handling, even in cases where measuring tasks and surface structures are complex, and for users without specialized know-how.


Expect less manual effort and quick results with optimized functionalities.


A comprehensive integration of measurements and analyses, clearly arranged in one system, will considerably boost your efficiency.

Three features that make a difference

Live Tracking

This feature helps you position your parts during assembly or for alignment before milling. A useful add-on in the production process.

Back Projection

Experience easy projection of elements directly onto physical parts to support machining or visualization and work with more detailed and distinct measurement results.

Touch Probe

Combine scanning with probing to measure deep pockets, boreholes or other areas that are optically difficult to reach. GOM Inspect Pro Line tracks the touch probe and assists your workflow. Immediately see your results.

Simplify your workflow with a whole new set of tools

GOM Pro Line
Live tracking
Back projection
Reflection detection
Adjustable adapter concept
Motion analysis
Use of theTouch probe
Touch Probe
Automatically generated projection
Gray value features
Extended calibration options

*GOM Inspect Pro Line upgrade requires ATOS Q, Driver Extension and an Inspect Pro license.

GOM Inspect Pro Line

How to get more out of your ATOS Q


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