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Generate your CAD model with ZEISS Reverse Engineering


From 3D scan to CAD model with ZEISS Reverse Engineering

Looking for a software solution that makes reverse engineering much easier? ZEISS Reverse Engineering is ready to take your data to the next level. Scan your parts in GOM Inspect or any other software and import your STL, PLY and ASCII-Formats to ZEISS Reverse Engineering. It just takes a few well guided steps to achieve a high-precision CAD model that can be exported to standard CAD formats like IGES, STEP or SAT. So whatever your reverse engineering task: get there fast and easily.

A powerful software for reverse engineering

A guided workflow

ZEISS Reverse Engineering makes it easy to generate a CAD model from scan data such as polygon meshes or point clouds and guides you step by step through the workflow.

High accuracy

ZEISS Reverse Engineering delivers corrected CAD surfaces with the highest accuracy. This is essential, if you want to produce plastic parts that have very high accuracy requirements.

Effective functions

Prepare your data with features like hole filling and flattening, proceed with features like dynamic best fit or extrusion.

Get your CAD – whatever the shape

Geometric parts

Reverse Engineering for geometric forms? Export your mesh to ZEISS Reverse Engineering and start to create, combine, extract and adjust. While doing that, you are in control of the whole process and generate exactly the result you need.

Freeform surfaces

ZEISS Reverse Engineering offers you various functionalities to achieve the highest accuracy for freeform surfaces. To convert your mesh, use “Surface Approximation to Points” by example. Afterwards, the software guides you step by step until you create your mold.

Organic shapes

If you want to create a CAD model for a part with an organic shape or if you like to continue reverse engineering, designing and modeling with a CAD – it will take you just a few clicks to get there. Have a look at the video.

Your easy way to a high-precision CAD model

ZEISS Reverse Engineering
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Mesh Import
Edición de mallas
Automatic feature
High precision freeform surfaces
Standard Geometries
Nominal Actual Analysis
Generación de informes
CAD Export

ZEISS Reverse Engineering

How to transform your 3D scans into CAD models

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