T-SCAN hawk goes offshore

Follow us to the offshore windpark. The team around Elisabete gives us exclusive insights into the work with the hand-held laser scanner T-SCAN hawk in confined wind turbines.

Founded in 2012, the Belgian company ‘Parkwind’ finances, develops and operates offshore power generation projects. With over 10 years of experience, 4 offshore wind farms, 201 turbines and 115 skilled employees, the production capacity is able to power 800,000 households. 

[...] wind energy is key to a sustainable future

The goal is therefore to scale and accelerate the green energy production and make offshore wind energy available and affordable for everyone.

To ensure the ongoing energy production, maintenance, repair and overhaul of the plants is elementary and our solutions contribute to this.

1  Preparations 

Before heading offshore, the staff needs to prepare for the quality control processes at sea. This includes packing of safety equipment, the 3D metrology system and any other technical support.

Have a glance at the unique working environment of the Windpark employees.


2   On-Site

On-site the team again has to make sure all safety requirements are being fulfilled. Working at heights and in confined spaces demands a high level of security. When this is done, the use of T-SCAN hawk further supports save work in the turbines. The robust, lightweight and ergonomic design helps to collect high quality data of hard-to-reach areas. Laser lines of the hand-held scanner collects fine details at a high resolution. 

The main task of our T-SCAN hawk? Detect corrosion inside the turbine and thus elongate the lifetime of the turbines. 


3   Data evaluation

Wondering what results to expect with the hand-held laser scanner? Contact us to receive more insights!

4   Experience first hand

Get an exclusive tour to the offshore windpark and watch the workflow with optical 3D metrology here:

Want to know more about your improved possibilities with T-SCAN hawk 2?

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