Quality Control and Assurance 3D Inspection

3D measurement of water turbines with 3D scanning

3D scanning of turbines was performed successfully in several hydroelectric
power plants in order to assess the condition and the efficiency of these
turbines, to check their shape, to create copies or to prepare new ones. The 3D scanning system and TRITOP allow for high accuracy measurements even of large and complex components like water turbines. Such a detailed 3D model detects the slightest deviations from the ideal geometry of the rotor.

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Quality Control and Assurance 3D Inspection

Milling on 3D scan data of casted blanks

The digitizing of the blanks can be done by our 3D scanning solution. In this example we use the ATOS Scanner and the export data can be directly imported in CAM systems. Based on the actual data, the form of the blank can now be fitted into the needed tooling geometry. Then an optimal fit can be defined with minimized processing time. In addition an optimized and collision free cutting path can be calculated, with ideal cutting parameters and minimized cutting time to generate the tool from the blank in a predictable, fast, save and unmanned operation.

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