3D scanning supports the mobile incoming part inspection

When it comes to the quality of incoming goods, Triple Infotech supports its customer Schneider Elektrik with the mobile 3D scanner ATOS Q.

Successful service provider-customer relationship

Our Indian partner, Triple Infotech, has developed expertise to deliver on any complicated reverse engineering and inspection project across industry verticals. They have grown to a premium industrial service provider in the areas of 3D scanning, quality inspection, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and product development.

Triple Infotech engaged with Schneider Electric in Bengaluru and offered them the ATOS Q 3D scanning solution for their inspection application. The Schneider Electric facility has the best-in-class metrology equipment to check all the incoming supplier parts. They wanted to go a notch-up in the inspection process, hence why they chose ATOS Q. It proved to be a suitable solution for checking all the dimensions of the incoming parts.

Schneider Electric was already working with a laser-based scanner for quality assurance. However, the equipment was not portable and needed a lot of developer spray for all parts. Furthermore, it had to be mounted on fixtures and operated by highly skilled engineers.

ATOS Q resolved all barriers and made life easy for the team - less space, highly portable and low-skill, easy to operate as well as uncompromising results with more details than ever-before.

3D scanning different parts for quality inspection

They agreed on the ATOS Q as the future quality control system for plastic parts, switches, control panels, and plugs. The system’s excellent precision was the key cause behind this. However, there were several specific characteristics that made part inspection far easier and more intuitive.

Less scanning preparation

Initially, all of the parts were prepped using a scanning spray. Nowadays, the majority of the parts can be scanned without the aid of the spray.

Fitting field of view

The clarity and quality of the scans have much improved since using the measuring volume 170 on ATOS Q.

Automated rotation table

Faster and fully automated scanning workflow.

Merging feature

Compared to their old technique of ball matching, the merging function has made their work much easier.


Denoising has tremendously aided them by making it easy to automatically remove excess points. Previously, they had to do so by hand.

With the data provided, inspections of all incoming parts and NPD projects can be conducted easily. Production is carried out with maximum clarity and correctness. Furthermore, suppliers receive faster feedback on the quality of their parts. As a result, Schneider Electric will benefit from faster deliveries.

Software evaluation 

When it comes to the software, its simple yet effective. ZEISS inspection software is the solution of choice. Different part sizes, shapes, and materials may be conveniently examined in 2D and 3D. Defect parts can thus be detected and sorted at an early stage.

Get to know ATOS Q

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