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Huck Cycles: Quality control of electric motorcycles
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Precupa: Looking to a more sustainable future
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Find inspiration and get informed about 3D scanning and 3D inspection


Newest Sessions

How to

How to 3D scanning for fast and efficient incoming inspection in MRO

Maker Portraits

Ossiform: Quality control of 3D printed bone implants

How to

How to 3D scan with the right distance to object

How to

How to perform fast inspection in electric motorcycle assembly

How to

How to set up a digital warehouse with 3D scanning

How to

How to reproduce unavailable spare parts in MRO

New videos: One-Minute Insight

Use the Clipping Cube function to get a perfect view

Nanno Mühl | Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology

Find the best position for your reference points

Benjamin Schmiedeck | Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology

How to use GOM Inspect as a presentation viewer

Victoria Sack | Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology

Welcome to the new home of 3D scanning

HandsOnMetrology is the new go-to for everything you want to know about 3D scanning. From step-by-step setup instructions to more advanced tutorials and expert hacks: This platform is made for learning. For getting inspired. And for finding the support you need to deliver 3D scanning excellence. This platform is made for you.

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scanning solution?

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Focus Topic: Demanding Scanning Conditions

How To

How to use a portable
3D scanner in

More Sessions

Getting Started – Basics

T-SCAN: Unboxing your new laser scanner system

Getting Started – Next Steps

ATOS Q: Fast inspection with GOM Inspect

Getting Started – Basics

GOM Inspect: Your first use of the software

Getting Started – Next Steps

GOM Inspect: Get started with 3D inspection

How to

How to use 3D scanning to build up rally cars

Getting Started – Next Steps

T-SCAN hawk 2: All features of the remote control buttons

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Which 3D scanner is right for you?



Lightweight and remarkably easy to operate: Your portable solution for metrology-grade precision in 3D scanning and 3D inspection.

Need a 3D



No part preparation needed: a mobile measuring room with measuring volumes of 10 m³ and 20 m³. Modular, intuitive and accurate.
ZEISS 3D scanning solution ATOS Q


Reliable, versatile and specifically developed for industry use: a compact high performer for manual and semi-automated operation.

GOM Scan 1

Here to open up new possibilities: a compact, mobile and versatile 3D scanner for precise meshes and big ideas.

GOM Scan 1

Here to open up new possibilities: a compact, mobile and versatile 3D scanner for precise meshes and big ideas.

GOM Inspect

Making quality visible

Simple, intuitive and with a comprehensive set of inspection
functions: Download the standard in 3D metrology software
for free.

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