How to choose the right distance for 3D scanning

When 3D scanning, choosing the right distance to your object is crucial for the optimal measurement result. How to determine the right scanner position and how the 3D scanner itself aids in this decision, you get to read here.

How to use portable 3D scanning for the restoration of architecture

3D scanning historic architecture with ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2

Historic architecture is often seen as an important part of our cultural heritage. Preserving it for future generations is a vital task. One way to achieve this goal is through restoration. Restoration involves the process of returning a building to its original state by repairing or reconstructing damaged or missing parts. 3D scanning technology supports in this case with the collection of data necessary for the rework of hundreds years worth of history.

3D scanning with ATOS Q in the medical sector

3D metrology is already being used in medical technology. Be it for the production of precisely fitting prostheses or also models to illustrate physical conditions. The goal is the generation of data which can than be used for educational purposes, e.g. in form of augmented reality.