T-SCAN hawk goes offshore

Follow us to the offshore windpark. The team around Elisabete gives us exclusive insights into the work with the hand held laser scanner T-SCAN hawk in confined wind turbines.

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Geek Talk Episode 1: 3D Scanning Basics


Geek Talk is all about the passion and fun that goes far beyond our daily tasks and jobs. In this video format our 3D scanning experts from different backgrounds talk about their product usage, their approaches, their attitudes and love for every detail. They talk about 3D scanning or a different area of interest that […]

Aviation insights come in 3D

Listening to our partners in aircraft, there’s a lot to discover: From the surprising beauty of detecting and repairing dents, bulges and wrinkles, to the fact that, when it comes to the creativity and passion involved in restoration, not even the sky is the limit.

ZEISS Reverse Engineering


Let’s make a CAD out of this mesh!

Extracting the complete design information from a finished object: the possibilities of reverse engineering are increasing as technology advances – not only for large scale industry.