Eliminate the Warpage of Plastic Parts in Quality Control

The De-Warp software package can compensate warpage and shrinkage of plastic parts virtually. With one single click you can put scanned plastic parts into a virtually assembled stage without any mechanical fixtures. With this feature, you can also very easily switch between the two states unclamped and clamped to compare their dimension.

De-Warp: a new level of...

Quality Control

Be able to switch between two results (unclamped/clamped) with only one complete measurement and compare them to the CAD model. A correct evaluation of your part was never easier! 


De-Warp virtually assembles your part, therefore you don’t need an actual fixture. It allows you to check whether the part dimensions are within tolerance in the subsequent assembly.

Time Saving

Getting all results you need with only one measurement, De-Warp will save you a lot of time and money. And nerves.

De-Warp functions: How it works

Warpage of plastic parts

In this video, Toon gives you an overview about warpage of plastic parts, why it happens and also, why this could be a problem in your production process.

De-Warp function

GOM Inspect Pro offers an easy solution called ‘De-Warp’, which allows you to digitally assemble the part after having it easily scanned in a tension-free state.

Key steps of GOM Inspect Pro

You want to use De-Warp? Learn how to remove warpage of the mesh in GOM Inspect Pro.

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How to Eliminate the Warpage of Plastic Parts

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