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3D scanning historic architecture with ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2
3D Inspection Repair Quality Control and Assurance

How to use portable 3D scanning for the restoration of architecture

Historic architecture is often seen as an important part of our cultural heritage. Preserving it for future generations is a vital task. One way to achieve this goal is through restoration. It involves the process of returning a building to its original state by repairing or reconstructing damaged or missing parts. 3D scanning technology supports in this case with the collection of data necessary for the rework of hundreds years worth of history.

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Reverse engineering explained: methods and uses

Reverse engineering, also known as back engineering or backwards engineering, describes the reverse design process for a part or tool. In contrast to the conventional development process for a part, where the design data is typically available upfront, here, the data is derived directly from the part or tool itself.

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ZEISS 3D scanning solution ATOS Q

Mobile Metrology

Get to know the ZEISS portfolio of mobile metrology solutions and learn more about the right system for your individual 3D scanning task.

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