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Some moments you would like to keep forever. Souvenirs and photos are a great help. However, a custom 3D figure could be even more personal and tangible. The latest technology offers numerous possibilities to create printable figures of all kinds through 3D modeling, e.g. miniature people, objects or landscapes – suitable for any occasion. But how do you get from a photo or a real object to a 3D print figure?

The idea: Creating your own 3D figure

The path to your own 3D print figure always starts with a simple idea. There are almost no limits to the possibilities of modeling because 3D printing of figures leaves room for creativity and individual wishes.

Some would like to immortalize their four-legged companion as a posable 3D print figure to create a unique memory of the pet. A snapshot of the children in the form of a 3D figure can also be a nice way to look back on the childhood days later. It would also be conceivable to create a special moment, such as the bride and groom on their wedding day, in the form of 3D print figures and thus be able to hold a unique memento in your hands. A group picture of friends or a photo of a breathtaking landscape from the last vacation could also literally become tangible as a posable 3D print figure.

The reasons to create your own 3D print figure are often of sentimental value. It can be a personal keepsake to proudly display at home, or a loving gift for friends and family. 3D printing makes it possible to materialize personal photos and moments in great colors and shapes.

Let’s take it one step further. With a 3D scan, it’s possible to create printable 3D figures not only from photos, but from real objects. You finally have your new dream e-car sitting in the garage, already personalized and visually enhanced to your liking. Design and technology complete the look and make a statement for green mobility. Now your e-car is a beautifully unique piece that you would like to immortalize. 3D scanning and 3D printing make it possible.


The way: From the e-car to a 3D model

The idea is now to become reality. It is possible to create a printable 3D figure from a photo of the e-car. But there is so much love in the details that a picture cannot depict all the corners and edges as well as technical subtleties and design peculiarities. A 3D scan makes it possible to digitize the figure in great detail so that it can be printed out later.

With a 3D scanner, you can capture every angle of the e-car. The interior can also be scanned in great detail. If the car is standing on a lifting platform or over a pit, you can even scan the underbody including the chassis and other technical details very precisely. This way, your own figure from the 3D printer does not become a model that simply looks like your car, but an exact copy as a miniature.

For example, a handheld scanner such as the ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2 is ideal for this. With this 3D scanner, you can scan your e-car yourself. The scanner is very easy and intuitive to operate. The device easily compensates for motion blur caused by hand guiding and provides a precise image of the scanned object. With this scanner, you can create your own 3D figure from your e-car in no time. 
By the way: The handheld scanner is also popular for classic cars.

T-SCAN hawk 2 for 3D scanning in automotive

In addition to the handheld scanner, there are even more options for scanning objects and converting them into a 3D model. With the GOM SCAN 1 or the ATOS Q, ZEISS offers you two more compact solutions to immortalize the design of your e-car in the form of a 3D print figure.


The ATOS Q captures a lot of information in a very short time and thus delivers detailed results. Due to the Triple Scan principle, even uneven or reflective surfaces are no problem. So you don’t have to worry about an inaccurate 3D model if the sun should shine on your e-car during scanning or other light sources are reflected by the paint. Blue Light technology filters out distracting ambient light during image capture.

The GOM SCAN 1 also works with Blue Light technology and thus delivers highly precise results. With the help of blue stripe patterns, the 3D scanner captures surfaces in the shortest possible time. A small scanner that makes big things possible and makes your dream of your own e-car as a posable 3D print figure come true.

The implementation: After the scan is before the printing

The scanner captured the e-car from different angles and created an extensive collection of data points, a so-called point cloud. These points serve as the basis for creating the 3D figure. Using special software, the data points are read out and linked to form a polygon mesh. The structure of the 3D model results from this mesh.

With the help of the software, the 3D model of the e-car becomes visible and can be edited. This part of the process gives you the opportunity to model and design the figure exactly according to your wishes and ideas. Here, for example, edges can be smoothed to perfect the car’s shapes or colors can be intensified to give the miniature car a vivid look.

Once you are satisfied with the 3D model, you can take the final step before printing the 3D figure. The model must be saved in a specific format so that the 3D printer can read and process the file. The most commonly used for this is a STL file. Now your car is ready for printing after the 3D scan.

To create your personalized 3D printed figurines, you can use the pro version of the inspection software in the ZEISS Quality Suite. This fits perfectly with the ZEISS 3D scanners but can of course also be used independently to create point clouds and edit the 3D models. Download the ZEISS Quality Suite now and test the software free of charge for 14 days. After the 14 days have expired, you can continue to use the basic version free of charge.

The print: Holding your own 3D figure in your hand

With modern 3D printers, custom 3D figures can be created from a variety of materials, providing even more options for personalizing a 3D printed figurine. Plastic is the most common material used in 3D printing, but there are many other options. Whether it’s metal, paper, wax, plaster, or other materials, the choices open up numerous creative possibilities to make the custom 3D printed figurines unique. Theoretically, the figure could even be printed edible, for example, made of chocolate or as fruit gum. So you can print the perfect 3D figure for any occasion.

But where will the custom 3D figurine be printed? There are two options here: You can do the printing with your own 3D printer at home or use the services of a company that specializes in 3D printing. The choice depends on your own capabilities and ideas. The only important thing is that the 3D model is in a suitable file to be printed. No matter what you choose: In the end, you will hold your own personalized 3D printed figurine in your hands and have created the perfect keepsake or gift for a loved one.

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