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GOM Inspect Suite: the easy-to-use 3D metrology software

Keeps it simple, even if the task isn’t

All-inclusive and user-centered

With GOM Inspect Suite, you can effortlessly handle simple and complex tasks throughout the inspection process: from scanning the part that is to be inspected to mesh editing, CAD import, GD&T and trend analyses, digital assembly and proprietary inspection.


Everything you need to get started

With GOM Inspect Suite, you can easily and intuitively visualize surface inspections along the entire inspection workflow. A wide range of GD&T analyses and reporting functions are also available. The software is used in quality control, product development and production to inspect 3D measuring data captured with fringe light scanners, laser scanners, coordinate measuring machines and other measuring machines. Register now and get started with a comprehensive set of free inspection functions: You can import CAD data, create polygon meshes from point clouds, execute 3D inspections and comfortably compile your results in easy-to-understand reports.

A single software interface for all your inspection challenges

GOM Inspect Suite supports your entire workflow: You can scan, inspect and analyze – all with one software. What’s more, GOM Inspect Suite combines different applications within a single user interface: for a holistic workflow and a consistent look and feel.

A software that adjusts to your requirements

GOM Inspect Suite

GOM Inspect Suite


GOM Inspect Suite


CAD Import


Mesh Editing




3D Inspection


Native CAD Data


Active Parametric


Trend Analysis




Digital Assembly



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PC version - Size 1.2 GB

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Tested and approved for high precision

The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) tested the accuracy of GOM Inspect via comparison with reference results. The outcome: GOM Inspect software was assigned to the category with the lowest measurement deviations (Class 1).

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Highlights of GOM Inspect Suite 2020 include GD&T functions like size, shape and position analysis of a component based on reference systems, compensation elements and tolerances. In addition, ISO visualization in accordance with standards is now possible – making results even more traceable. 


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