De-Warp: eliminate the warpage of plastic parts

Compensating warpage and shrinkage of plastic parts is also possible virtually. With the De-Warp software package of GOM Inspect Pro, parts can be put into an assembled state without any mechanical fixtures. Let Toon show you the advantages and functionality of the package here!

Warpage as an interfering factor

Whether injection molded or 3D printed, plastic parts often show unwanted deformation during the production. This warpage can than later be an issue when it comes to assembling the part. Until now, the only conventional way of determining warpage and its consequences was to use a physical fixture. This however has several disadvantages like:

  • Measuring the part in the fixture becomes more difficult
  • Fixtures are expensive and need maintenance
  • Information from the unassembled state of the part gets lost

The solution: De-Warp in GOM Inspect Pro software

The De-Warp package mimics the part assembly virtually within just one software. In just a few steps, the software checks dimensions as if the part was already in its final position: 


With the scan data, GOM Inspect Pro generates a mesh. The so called deformation model supports to mathematically model the deformation of inspected plastic parts. It is based on material properties and the CAD file to ensure detailed predictions of the parts behavior.


In order to know where virtual forces need to be applied, points for the assembly have to be pre-defined.

Finite Element Analysis in the GOM Inspect Pro software then helps to determine part deformation. The digital twin of the part gets adapted and inspection results are recalculated accordingly. 

The user benefits from the illustration of assembled and unassembled state. The switch between the states allows for even more exact quality control.

Upgrade your inspection possibilities

If you are interested in getting started with the De-Warp package now or would like to find out more about 3D scanning systems simply contact

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