Geek Talk Episode 1: 3D Scanning Basics

Geek Talk is all about the passion and fun that goes far beyond our daily tasks and jobs. In this video format our 3D scanning experts from different backgrounds talk about their product usage, their approaches, their attitudes and love for every detail. They talk about 3D scanning or a different area of interest that is related to 3D scanning. 

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In our first episode we are sharing the basics of 3D scanning with you. Learn more about the different techniques and what is important by choosing the right solution for your task. Register now and watch the first episode.


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Thanks for signing up and for watching this episode of Geek Talk. We hope you had as much fun as we did and learned one or two things along the way. If you have questions, comments or requests about future topics we should cover please let us know through our social media channels or our contact page on See you next time.

Get to know our 3D scanning geeks

Picture of Sien Supply

Sien Supply

Your Geek Talk host

Picture of Wim Cuypers

Wim Cuypers

Expert in 3D scanning

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