Take it. Make it. The new ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2

Say hi to the new ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2, our next-generation, lightweight 3D laser scanner with metrology-grade precision and remarkable ease-of-use.

Take it. Make it.
The new ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2

Say hi to the new ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2, our next-generation, lightweight 3D laser scanner with metrology-grade precision and remarkable ease of use. The latest addition to our scanner family is your tool to get about anything done. Whether you need it for maintenance, repair and overhaul, quality control, reverse engineering or design, it’s ready for many applications and industries.

Hand-held precision, developed and produced by ZEISS

The new T-SCAN hawk 2 is developed and produced in Germany and certified for the highest industry standards. Naturally, it comes with impressive new features. One of them is an invitation to go big: ZEISS introduces the new satellite mode. T-SCAN hawk 2 is the first portable laser scanner with this mode, allowing you to scan objects up to multiple meters. No need for the classical built-in photogrammetry with coded markers. No compromise on accuracy. Another highlight is a red laser marker projected onto your component. This visual aid helps you to easily keep the perfect working distance while capturing high-quality data.

A solution that adapts to your workflow

Gone are the days when your scanner slowed down your workflow. This new laser scanner adapts easily to the movement of your hand, turning scanning into fast and precise fun. Very intuitive to operate, T-SCAN hawk 2 also features four buttons to start and navigate your workflow directly. No need to change to your laptop or to manage the software separately. And whether you need to scan small parts, fine details, deep pockets, confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas – easily switch between different tasks. T-SCAN hawk 2 features seamless adjustments for resolution and field of view.

The well-established GOM Inspect Software

T-SCAN hawk 2 operates with GOM Inspect, the well established standard in 3D metrology and part of the ZEISS Quality Suite. For 14 days, you can even enjoy a free trial of GOM Inspect Pro. Into reverse engineering? Scan 3D data with your T-SCAN hawk 2, import it to ZEISS Reverse Engineering, and let the software guide you to a high-precision CAD model in just a few steps.

You are interested in our all-in-one software solution? Download it now and start inspecting.

Whatever the job, wherever the job

This scanner is ready for industries like automotive, shipping and railway, aerospace or the energy sector. It is also great for mold and machine manufacturing for example. So wherever you need to capture data, indoor or outdoor, small or large, the new 3D laser scanner travels with you in just one case, keeping everything at hand. Moreover, the case contains additional, compelling tools like the hyperscale for fast re-calibration.


Get ready to “Take it and Make it”.

Now it’s up to you to experience the 3D laser scanner in action. We are excited to see your measuring projects with our next generation of hand-held precision.

Experience T-SCAN hawk 2 first hand

Want to know more about the system and your possibilities with it? Request a free demo and get to know our new #HandsOnMetrology team member.

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