We Scan Around The World with our network of 3D metrology partners

More than 60 partners worldwide support our customers in setting new standards in 3D metrology everyday – and the global community is constantly growing. For our Scan Around The World challenge, they took us to local sights and helped us to explore country-specific items with our 3D scanning technologies.

Let’s see where we’ve been to so far

PADT Inc took us to The Spire which was built in 2004 but designed from a Frank Lloyd Wright architectural proposal from 1954 for a new Arizona State Capitol building that was never actually built. A student of his took the proposed spire design and scaled it to be constructed as a stand-alone, blue-glass/concrete spire. It’s located in Scottsdale AZ, just north of Phoenix/Tempe where PADT is located. Their local scan included a delicious cookie that we all know and love.

Our partner Westcam took our sticker to Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna while scanning a tasty local Linzer Torte cake. Yum!

In Beijing Nothton Metrology showed us around town and made us yearn for sweets with a scan of a sugarcoated hawthorne.

Belgium was actually the very first stop of our Scan Around The World tour and our #HandsOnMetrology sticker got to pose in front of the town hall in Leuven while our sweet tooth was once more satisfied with a scan of original Belgian chocolate.

Our French colleagues were kind enough to scan (and eat) a Canelé for us – one of Bordeaux’s culinary specialties. While our #HandsOnMetrology sticker made a trip to the Place-Bourse in Bordeaux which is located just 10 minutes away from our French office.

Well, it seems like our shared passion for metrology can only be topped by a shared love for food. In Greece Lino 3D scanned a feta cheese for us while our sticker was hiding at a shady spot in the midday heat at the famous acropolis.

In India Triple Infotech scanned a figurine of a Dasare elephant. The elephants are an integral part of the Mysore Dasara Festival where they process through town. The lead elephant carries an impressive statue made purely of gold. While on their 70km von walk to the festival, they are greeted and celebrated with folk dances, drums, and traditional songs on the way.

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In Mexico we got to visit the most famous monument of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico while the local scan revealed a Calavera, a traditional skull decoration.

Midwest Metrology tricked us with a wooden shoe and a photo of the sticker in front of an old windmill, which we thought was a hint for The Netherlands but which actually came from Holland, Michigan.

A Chinese bell rang for us in Taiwan, where our partners Road Ahead Technologies took our sticker to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall from the Qing Dynasty.

Yee-haw Texas! What could be more typical for Texas than a Cowboy boot? Meanwhile our sticker got to visit The Alamo in San Antonio.

Obviously, we’ve received a scan of a durian fruit from our partners at Thaisakol.

Next stop: Vietnam. Our sticker got to take a look at The Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long, a complex of historic imperial buildings located in the centre of Hanoi, Vietnam. While our partners at Scantech chose a dragon figurine for their 3D scan.

Our colleagues from Concept Machine taught us that Wisconsin is known for their cheese and by wearing cheese on your head, you can help cheer on the local baseball team, the Green Bay Packers – which they did.

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