3D scanning a transparent yacht windshield with Scan-Xpress

Scan-Xpress from our #HandsOnMetrology partner network takes us onto a yacht in the Australian port. They show how easy 3D scanning a transparant windshield is performed with just a few little tweaks.

3D scanning transparent material

When a private yacht owner reached out to Scan-Xpress, they have taken on an exciting task in breathtaking scenery. The reason for 3D scanning the windshield? Due to a storm, the windscreen was severely damaged and some serious cracks could be identified. To avoid worsening of the defects and possibly endangering the passengers, glass panels of the windshield had to be replaced. 

The probability of breaking the glass when detaching it from the boat structures was high. Furthermore, there was no CAD data available for the damaged part. In this case a digital copy had to be reverse engineered which the yacht owner can use in the repair process, should the glass pane really shatter during removal.

The method of optical, contactless 3D scanning was therefore the way to go for providing information on the geometry of the yacht windshield. 

The mobile 3D scanner ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2 was the solution of choice for the important reparation task. In combination with a scanning spray, its advanced features helped to generate exact 3D data under suboptimal conditions, like bright sunlight, a transparent scanning surface and the application directly on-site.   

The T-SCAN hawk 2 was selected for its portability and ability to scan bright surfaces. In this instance, the bright surface mode feature allowed scanning outdoors in direct sunlight.

Fig. 1: Scan preparation with scanning spray
Fig. 2: 3D scanning the yacht windshield

Identifying the quality of reverse engineering 

After reverse engineering the glass panel, Scan-Xpress compared the CAD data to the scan data. Here they used the pro version of the ZEISS inspection software and could thus determine the quality of the performed reverse engineering process.

Try ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2

Do you want to try out the hand-held 3D scanner for yourself? Why not reach out to your local dealer to get more details on the solution.

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