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Huck Cycles: Quality control of electric motorcycles
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Precupa: Looking to a more sustainable future
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Find inspiration and get informed about 3D scanning and 3D inspection


Newest Sessions

How to

METROTOM 1: How to inspect the inside of electronic connector housings

Maker Portraits

Sabelt: High performance seat belts for a safer future

How to

How to scan large parts using ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2

Maker Portraits

HSB: Maintenance of historic steam locomotives

One-Minute Insight

Data import from 3rd party scanners

How to

New Sketching function in ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING

New videos: One-Minute Insight

Use the Clipping Cube function to get a perfect view

Nanno Mühl | Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology

How to save time with Quick GD&T

Christine Weichert | Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology

One 3D scan is all you need for precision

Marco Peschke | Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology

Welcome to the new home of 3D scanning

HandsOnMetrology is the new go-to for everything you want to know about 3D scanning. From step-by-step setup instructions to more advanced tutorials and expert hacks: This platform is made for learning. For getting inspired. And for finding the support you need to deliver 3D scanning excellence. This platform is made for you.

Looking for a 3D
scanning solution?

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T-SCAN hawk 2 for 3D scanning in automotive

Focus Topic: Demanding Scanning Conditions

How To

How to use a portable
3D scanner in

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Getting Started – Next Steps

METROTOM 1: Scanning multiple parts

Maker Portraits

Ossiform: Quality control of 3D printed bone implants

How to

How does satellite mode work and why do you need it

How to

How to use a 3D scanner for dent detection

Getting Started – Next Steps

T-SCAN hawk 2: All features of the remote control buttons

Getting Started – Next Steps

ATOS Q: Fast inspection with ZEISS INSPECT

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Lightweight and remarkably easy to operate: Your portable solution for metrology-grade precision in 3D scanning and 3D inspection.

Need a 3D

A man holding a clear plastic part, talking to a woman infront of a CT scanner


ZEISS METROTOM 1 stands for ease of use, precise 3D data and quality control from the outside in.

ZEISS 3D scanning solution ATOS Q


Reliable, versatile and specifically developed for industry use: a compact high performer for manual and semi-automated operation.

GOM Scan 1

Here to open up new possibilities: a compact, mobile and versatile 3D scanner for precise meshes and big ideas.

GOM Scan 1

Here to open up new possibilities: a compact, mobile and versatile 3D scanner for precise meshes and big ideas.


Making quality visible

Simple, intuitive and with a comprehensive set of inspection
functions: Download the standard in 3D metrology software
for free.
ZEISS INSPECT software visual

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