T-SCAN hawk goes offshore

Follow us to the offshore windpark. The team around Elisabete gives us exclusive insights into the work with the hand held laser scanner T-SCAN hawk in confined wind turbines.

3D measurement of water turbines with 3D scanning

3D scanning of turbines was performed successfully in several hydroelectric
power plants in order to assess the condition and the efficiency of these
turbines, to check their shape, to create copies or to prepare new ones. The 3D scanning system and TRITOP allow for high accuracy measurements even of large and complex components like water turbines. Such a detailed 3D model detects the slightest deviations from the ideal geometry of the rotor.

3D scanning with ATOS Q in the medical sector

3D metrology is already being used in medical technology. Be it for the production of precisely fitting prostheses or also models to illustrate physical conditions. The goal is the generation of data which can than be used for educational purposes, e.g. in form of augmented reality.

Automated inspection of welds


The new weld check package in GOM Inspect Pro ensures automated and standardized inspections of welds. Together with the T-SCAN, selected scan data can be evaluated with maximum comfort.