De-Warp: eliminate the warpage of plastic parts

Compensating warpage and shrinkage of plastic parts is also possible virtually. With the De-Warp software package of GOM Inspect Pro, parts can be put into an assembled state without any mechanical fixtures.
Let Toon show you the advantages and functionality of the package here!

3D measurement of water turbines with 3D scanning

3D scanning of turbines was performed successfully in several hydroelectric
power plants in order to assess the condition and the efficiency of these
turbines, to check their shape, to create copies or to prepare new ones. The 3D scanning system and TRITOP allow for high accuracy measurements even of large and complex components like water turbines. Such a detailed 3D model detects the slightest deviations from the ideal geometry of the rotor.

Renewal of historic race cars with T-SCAN hawk


In the vintage race car community, everyone knows him, even if he doesn’t like to put himself out there. He is the man to see when it comes to making new from old: Mr. Friedrich Burgstaller, managing director of FB Prototypen GmbH. For more than 30 years he has been pursuing his absolute passion: Rebuilding historic racing and sports cars.
Our partner WESTCAM in Austria met him for an interview and asked him about his work and the “project powered by WESTCAM”.